Membership of Southern Queensland Cycle Trails Inc

You don’t have to be a SQCT Inc member to ride any part of the Trail. However, being a member helps support our activities. Membership of SQCT Inc is open to any riders. Membership is a one-off fee of $20.00 Members must be and remain financial members of Bicycle Queensland to retain membership of SQCT Inc. You must be 18 or older to join SQCT Inc.

The Downs Burnett Cycle Trail (DBCT) is, we hope, the first of a number of cycle trails to be created across our regions.

The DBCT is not an organisation, just a mapped route on public roads for anyone to ride. The Southern Queensland Cycle Trails Inc (SQCT Inc.) is the body that was created to conceive, plan, organise and promote the DBCT, and later, other cycle routes. Being an Incorporated body, the SQCT Inc., needs members to support the work of creating a network of cycle trails in the Western Downs, Southern Downs, Darling Downs, South Burnett, Lockyer Valley and maybe other areas.

The SQCT Inc. supports and promotes improvements to safer cycle touring across the regions we cycle in. SQCT Inc has partnered with Bicycle Queensland (BQ), the relevant cycle promotion and lobbying group in Queensland, to improve the cycle touring experience on the routes developed by SQCT Inc. Members of BQ can join SQCT Inc., enjoying all the personal benefits BQ offers to individual members, while promoting cycle touring across a wide, and expanding, area of regional Queensland.

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