All the roads ridden on the Trail are public roads and open to all road users.  Cyclists must follow all road rules. The Rider acknowledges and understands that cycling activities are dangerous recreational activities and that by participating in them they are exposed to certain risks including injury, death and damage to their property

Riders are encouraged to have insurance before they ride.  Bicycle Queensland membership provides you with worldwide personal accident cover, income protection, and public liability insurance (third party cover) within Australia. See Riding Insurance – Bicycle Queensland ( for more information.

What to Take!

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list. Consider your safety and pack what you think you need.

Before you leave home make sure your bike is in good order and mechanically sound. Check you have sufficient supplies and repair equipment. Consider the distances involved and plan carefully.

Carry sufficient water, there is none between towns. Pack some food

Carry spare tubes, at least two and all repair equipment needed to change or repair the tube, including a good quality pump or inflator system

If tubeless, carry correct equipment to inflate

Consider carrying a folding tyre

Consider a small first aid kit


Quality bike lock

Sufficient medicines if you are on any prescription drugs

Phone and charger

Ebike riders, do not forget to pack your charger and maybe a small lead

A small tool kit for your bike. Consider packing a Quicklink for your chain size and a chain breaker. Hub gears may need a spanner.

Consider a safety vest (lime not orange is better) and bright flashing lights front and rear – cables and charger for them too

In sections of the Trail you may find there is no phone coverage. Remember that 112 is the emergency number that works when there is no other phone coverage

Download Ride with GPS ( or print paper copies of the route to take with you. The signs you will see are intended to be prompts and reminders.

Some sections are steep and at times may be muddy. Be prepared to walk a bit in muddy sections.

Consider downloading the app ‘Emergency Plus’, a direct line through to 000. It has latitude and longitude for you to give to the Operator to pinpoint your location:

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